RTB the way it should be.


We’re Accordant Media. We don’t just press a button and let the technology do the work. We drive media campaigns with intelligence and finesse to reach your targeted media objectives. And, ultimately, help brands talk to consumers smarter, more efficiently. Our full service approach brings together expertise in data, real-time targeting and on demand bidding in way that delivers outstanding results.


A Complete Mobile Buying Platform

Marketers are focusing their interest, spend, and investment on mobile advertising in 2014. Yet compared to programmatic display buying mobile can be largely opaque, confusing, difficult to manage, and disconnected from an advertiser’s true goals. The Accordant Mobile targeting solution brings our core tenets of transparency, service, and technology to drive meaningful results and insights. When it became clear that other platforms lacked the experience and integration our clients need, Accordant built our platform to fit marketers’ requirements.