Results: Unlocking the Value of Programmatic Media for Leading Agencies and Marketers

Having optimized thousands of campaigns, Accordant consistently delivers higher ROI and clearer, repeatable targeting and audience insights than traditional digital media networks, DSPs and in-house trading desks. From pure performance to targeted brand engagement, Accordant’s expertise is unparalled


Smart Remarketing: Optimal Frequency and Pacing

Accordant assessed incremental remarketing efficiency and designed a program that improved CPA by over 90%

Accordant’s Bidder in Action

Effective New Customer Reach: Accordant’s Bidder and Custom Algorithms

For an e-Services client, our proprietary bidder and algorithms deliver extremely efficient customer prospecting tactics, with scale.

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Making 3rd-Party Data Work via Audience OpticsTM

For an Education client, Accordant’s integration of over 75,000 data segments allowed us to create custom audience segments that drove efficient leads.

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Reaching Hispanic Moms for Global CPG Company

Accordant’s custom segmentation allowed for optimized contextual and behavioral targeting tactics to reach high-value Moms and Offer-seekers in under two weeks.

Cumulative Reach to Target Audience

Better Brand/Audience Reach and Engagement via RTB controls reduced wasted impressions by 15%

Accordant is re-writing the traditional reach/frequency curve for major brand marketers, resulting is clearer, efficient audience activation campaigns.

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Weather-specific Advertising to Targeted Zip Codes

For an online services client, Accordant’s weather-targeting controls yielded a 20% lower cost-per-sale with a 40% volume boost.

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De-duplicated, Cross-Tactic Conversion Attribution to Identify Incremental Customer Value

Accordant tracked the audience touch points driving to conversion and identified incremental value of prospecting vs. retargeting tactics.

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Optimizing Search with RTB Display

Accordant helped a major cable/telco operator evaluate the “halo effect” between programmatic display and search marketing activities.


Driving Brand/Product Awareness for a Major Financial Services Company

Accordant’s RTB tools drove direct site visitation and investor response rates.