Introducing: Accordant Mobile

A Complete Mobile Buying Platform

Marketers are focusing their interest, spend,
and investment on mobile advertising in 2013.
Yet compared to programmatic display buying
mobile can be largely opaque, confusing,
difficult to manage, and disconnected from an
advertiser’s true goals.

The Accordant Mobile targeting solution brings
our core tenets of transparency, service, and
technology to drive meaningful results and
insights. When it became clear that other
platforms lacked the experience and
integration our clients need, Accordant built
our platform to fit marketers’ requirements.

In-App, In-Browser, In Control

Accordant Mobile fully supports in-app and inbrowser display units. We recommend hosting
your creatives in our cloud for fastest delivery,
but we also support third-party ad tags.

Recommended sizes for phone are 300×50,
300×250, and 480×80. Recommended sizes for
tablet are 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600.

Gif. Jpeg, or png are supported by default.
Other formats available for customized
executions (expandable, video, and more).

Inventory and Partners

Accordant has direct RTB or inventory
connections with major mobile supply partners
including Nexage, TapAd, Where, MoPub,
Google’s AdX, AppNexus, and are constantly
evaluating additional supply partners for scale
of based on client requests.

In House Expertise

Accordant’s mobile technology stack is the first
mobile solution offering app-level reporting for
all RTB campaigns. Many campaigns run
entirely in our RTB supply, but we also support
network and direct partner relationships for
additional scale.

Geotargeting to the Zip
Geofencing to the Lat/Long
Cross-channel Remarketing
On demand Reporting
Transparent Pricing
Cross-channel Insights


Accordant is committed to transparent pricing
in mobile, just as we are in display. There are
no hidden markups, yield arbitrage, or other
gimmicks that obscure results and insights.


In-app tracking requires implementing our very
simple SDK – two small files and a tracking link
added into your app. It supports impression,
click, install, and post-installation events.

In-Web tracking is cookie based and very
similar to display, and is customized by your
Accordant team to meet your goals. Our team
has deep expertise across mobile
implementations and will be available during
implementation and for all ongoing support.