IAB Study: Programmatic Tech, Data Remain Daunting Challenge Marketers Will Overcome

MediaPost: A recent white paper shows that nearly one in ten enterprise marketers work with over 30 different tech tools on a regular basis. Findings indicate that while marketers “have become more familiar with data, determining how to use the technology, where to use it, and how it should evolve over time in their respective companies represents a far more …

Facebook Closes in on 1 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide

eMarketer: Over 70% of Facebook users will be mobile this year, and by 2018 over 75% of Facebook users will access the platform via mobile devices, amounting to 1.34 billion users. There will be 1.58 billion mobile phone social network users globally in 2015. The US will remain the single largest market for mobile phone Facebook users in 2015, followed …

Two-Thirds Of Mobile App Developers Sell Programmatically

MediaPost: Over two-thirds of app developers “make at least a portion f their inventory available for programmatic buying,” and nearly half (46%) sell up to 50% of their inventory programmatically. 91% of surveyed mobile app developers report using banner ads. […]

Asia Charging International Mobile Programmatic Surge

MediaPost: Global mobile ad traffic on Android devices rose 30% in Q4 2014, and global programmatic spend on Androids increased 1379% year-over-year. 46% of Android mobile reportedly comes from Asia, followed by 18% from Eastern Europe and 17% from Latin America. […]

Data Analytics, So Hot Right Now

eMarketer: 55% of surveyed US marketing executives “employed analytics to measure all or most of their marketing campaign returns,” and two thirds of marketers “were most likely to use data analytics for online media advertising.” More than seven in ten marketing executives expect to “increase their reliance on data analytics for decision-making over the next three years.” […]

What Does ‘Premium Inventory’ mean in Mobile Display Advertising?

eMarketer: A panel of supply and demand-side ad experts explain the difference between premium, mid-tier, and bottom tier inventory. David Staas of Ninth Decimal qualifies premium as dependent on ad-format and the degree of targeting, whereas Razorfish’s Jeremy Lockhorn defines premium mobile ads as the product of transparent publisher-direct deals that inspire advertiser confidence. […]

How mobile beats other channels for marketing to millennials

Mobile Marketer: A recent survey suggests that fashion marketers may target millennials most efficiently by delivering messaging to mobile devices, rather than the “varied approach required to effectively reach this group in other channels.” As a group, millennials over-index on watching video clips on their phones and receiving location-based coupons on their phones. […]

Brands Will Tinker With Bidding Algorithms In 2015, Says Millward

MediaPost: Recently released forecasts from Millward Brown predict that brands will continue diving deeper into programmatic in 2015, and bidding algorithms “could be tweaked in the year ahead as brands guide consumers down the ‘funnel’.” Millward further predicts advertisers using “rich audience psychographic and attitudinal data” in algorithms to enhance targeting. […]

Fraud, Brand Safety Take Center Stage Among Ad Buyers

eMarketer: One third of responding marketers surveyed in a November 2014 study rank ad fraud as their number one concern with media quality, followed by brand safety and viewability. Surveyed suppliers, however, placed their concerns elsewhere. While ad fraud also ranked as the biggest concern among publishers, transparency ranked second, then followed by brand safety and viewability. […]