Facebook Agrees To Metrics Audit

Via Wall Street Journal

The gist: Facebook has agreed to have its ad metrics audited.

More information: According to the Wall Street Journal, “Facebook has pledged to undergo audits by the media industry’s measurement watchdog, the Media Rating Council … a move that will likely please ad-industry executives who are skeptical of the tech giant’s data-reporting practices.”

The article added: “Ad executives have been clamoring for more independent verification of Facebook’s metrics, especially after a series of disclosures by the company in recent months about mistakes in its data.”

“Ms. Everson informed the group that Facebook plans to provide more granular data to third-party measurement partners such as Integral Ad Science and Moat,” the article continued. “That will include metrics such as how many ads in a given campaign are viewable, how long these ads appear on various screens and whether sound was on for video ads.”

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