Facebook Guarantees Ads With Sound

Via Advertising Age

The gist: Facebook advertisers can now buy and pay for video ads only when the sound is on.

More information: According to Advertising Age, “Facebook advertisers will be able to buy ads with an option to only pay when videos play with the sound on. Facebook videos typically show up in people’s feeds on mute and automatically start playing. Under new criteria — if the advertiser chooses — the views only count when the volume is on.”

“The industry also has been creatively rethinking how they edit videos for a sound-off experience. However, Facebook is feeling the pressure of Snapchat, where videos are mostly viewed with sound and ads have the volume on 70% of the time, according to the company,” wrote Advertising Age.

The article continued, “Facebook will offer the option to buy sound-on videos along with other standards as part of a broader effort to appease the ad industry.”

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