Marketers Begin Focusing More On Data Over Platforms

Via eMarketer

The gist: Marketers are focusing more on data as they get comfortable with ad tech.

More information: According to eMarketer, “As marketing technology becomes a standard part of managing a business, many companies have become comfortable enough with the concept to shift away from their initial focus on platforms, and to focus instead on data.”

“’The spotlight is on data because of customer expectations,’ said eMarketer analyst Nicole Perrin, author of a new report on marketing technology. ‘Customers expect marketers to provide a personalized brand experience across channels,’” wrote eMarketer.

The article added: “When marketers are surveyed about what they hope to gain from adopting marketing tech, “data” is one common response. This might seem like circular logic, but data—specifically, customer data—is the undisputed center of the marketing tech ecosystem.”

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