How Super Bowl Viewers Used Their Mobile Devices

Via Adweek

The gist: Adweek spells out six stats that explain how Super Bowl viewers used their mobile devices.

More information: According to Adweek, citing data from mobile agency Fetch, “mobile usage in the hours before the Big Game was, on average, between a 7 percent and 10 percent higher than on previous Sundays.”

In the 15 minutes surrounding kickoff, “mobile usage dropped nearly 10 percent in relation to what Fetch had seen on previous Sundays,” but just a few minutes into the game, “mobile usage jumped almost 30 percent and stayed at that level throughout the first half.”

According to Adweek, “The beginning of the second half was the peak time for mobile, as viewers were evidently amazed by Lady Gaga’s Pepsi-sponsored halftime show. Smartphone and tablet usage rose by about 32 percent, as viewers were posting on social media and texting about the performance.”

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