Case Study: Accordant Develops Custom, User-Based Algorithm


This leading travel marketer with a mature ad campaign had a mandate to drive more revenue and minimize waste. They needed more control and insight than their current program delivered, and a responsive data partner. They structured a four-way “bake-off” between their incumbent, a leading DSP, a holding company trading desk and Accordant Media.


Accordant took the following approach to drive more revenue and minimize waste:
  • Ingested advertiser’s first party data to create a revenue-based segmentation model fed via near-real-time data
  • Built a custom algorithm that ranked highest revenue users
  • Developed product line affinities (e.g. people who booked flights are also interested in hotels) to execute effective cross-sell strategies


Accordant achieved the following results:
  • Generated a 4x increase in revenue from advertising over six months while maintaining efficiency through audience-based targeting and optimizations
  • Outperformed and out-serviced all others, including the incumbent with four years of campaign history