Case Study: Accordant Social Brings Scaled Performance to National Photo Retailer


A national photo retailer engaged Accordant to generate leads and expand their customer database. Their goal was to vastly expand their target audience of mothers with young children.


Accordant developed a social marketing strategy across mobile and desktop devices. Tactics included:
  • Utilized third-party data and Facebook data to reach audience at scale
  • Maximized scale of unique target group (mothers with young children) by creating additional segments using gender, age, geo and lookalike data as well as Facebook groups, including groups specifically for moms
  • Targeted within client-defined geos to ensure no ad spend was wasted on consumers who lived too far from the retailer’s physical locations


Accordant effectively reached mothers of young children at an ROI-positive level.
  • Reduced cost per lead by 62%
  • Grew client’s CRM list by tens of thousands