Case Study: Accordant Takes Data-Driven Approach to Customer Acquisition for Online Retailer


This popular eyewear brand felt too reliant on remarketing tactics and needed to implement more upper-funnel tactics to expose new users to their site and drive product purchase.


Accordant developed a data-driven upper-funnel marketing approach focused on driving first-time purchasers. Accordant:
  • Utilized Audience Optics to suppress all current, existing customers for targeting efforts
  • Modeled prospective customers via existing customer data to build a “custom algorithm” tailored to net-new, high value prospects
  • Deployed the model through ad targeting across display, mobile and social channels


    The upper-funnel campaign drove quality website traffic which led to a spike in conversions
  • Accordant’s custom algorithm garnered a 5:1 ROI while feeding top-of-the-funnel impressions
  • Accordant outperformed advertiser’s goals for driving new customers into the conversion funnel

Client Feedback

Accordant Media did a great job of exposing the brand to new users who ultimately went on to transact. The current cost per transaction is $41 which is extremely attractive for display
Client Feedback