Case Study: Aggregating Fragmented Audience Data to Scale Disparate Campaigns


This online-education firm came to Accordant with a need for a centralized, audience-based buying approach across hundreds of degree programs and several buying channels. Their fragmented strategy was data-sparse, offering little to no insight into or actionability against responsive audiences.


Accordant identified the need to consolidate the advertiser’s fragmented data into audience segments in order to improve efficiency and scale disparate campaigns. The following tactics were deployed:
  • Audience Audit identified audience similarities across degree programs, consolidating hundreds of targets into 15 key audience profiles
  • Employed a multitude of targeting tactics (including custom algorithms, retargeting, behavioral & contextual targeting) using 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data sources
  • Integrated both programmatic direct and non-programmatic publisher buys into the media plan to enable cross-tactic attribution


The consolidation of audience data into audience segments led to:
  • Over 30% improvement in overall lead acquisition efficiency using consolidated audience-based approach on high-value, high-performance inventory
  • Cross-channel attribution analysis against single, cohesive inventory stack revealed significant waste in channels that had previously been favored by last-click model, resulting in significantly optimized media channel mix
  • Successful deployment of over 10 private exchange relationships which performed 50% more efficiently than open-RTB average on a cost-per-lead basis