Case Study: Reducing Waste By 15% For A Fortune 100 Company


A Fortune 100 multinational conglomerate needed to boost awareness of a new strategic initiative among defined audience segments. The client wanted to reach the audience with a target frequency of 5-6x and reduce long-tail wasted impressions.


Accordant implemented the following strategies to meet the client’s needs:
  • Utilized our proprietary DMP, AudienceOptics™, to define the target audience segments through a combination of
  • first-,second- and third-party data
  • Employed a bidding strategy to bid more aggressively for target users after each subsequent impression, ratcheting
  • users up the frequency curve
  • When the target frequency was reached, users were removed from the pool to eliminate impressions over frequency goals


Accordant successfully reduced long-tail wasted impressions for the client and increased scale among the target audience.
  • Reduced waste by 15%
  • Added 30% fill to the targeted audience, up to the controlled frequency (5-6x)