Case Study: Cruise Line Increases Viewability And Decreases NHT While Achieving Scale


A major cruise line advertiser needed to drive qualified site traffic and increase conversions across the Dutch, Australian and U.K. markets — all while keeping viewability and non-human traffic (NHT) rates within client-defined levels in order to avoid waste and negative content. They turned to Accordant Media to solve for this problem using a full-funnel approach for prospecting and remarketing.


Accordant Media implemented the following tactics to maintain high while driving performance at scale:
  • Analyzed the billions of data points we collect from programmatic auctions to identify the highest viewability and lowest NHT placements, and to identify which publishers had the best inventory.
  • Identified placements that met our client’s requirements. We segmented those placements using our Audience Optics™ DMP, and then targeted those segments across Australia, U.K. and the Netherlands.
  • Reached out to the premium publishers we identified to strike private marketplace (PMP) deals. These PMPs guaranteed high viewability and low NHT.
    • Publishers included Conde Nast, News Corp. Travel, Guardian Travel and more.
  • To maximize our access to the high-quality PMP inventory, we layered on first-party data through our DMP for hyper-targeting.
  • Applied a regular “keyword blocklist” to avoid negative content. We also took quality control a step further by utilizing semantic targeting through Natural Language Processing technology. This enabled us to steer completely clear of content that could damage the client’s brand.


Accordant successfully maintained high quality while achieving 2x scale for the client.
  • Maintained viewability rates 38% higher than client’s goal
  • Decreased NHT to 0.6% — well below client’s goal of 2%