Case Study: Cross-Tactic Attribution and Scaling Profitably


A niche e-Commerce marketer with a last-click attribution model was unsure how to evaluate upper-funnel tactics, such as prospecting. Their investment in retargeting, however, was tapped out. They needed to scale their digital investments, but did not know how to do so profitably.


Accordant performed a cross-tactic attribution study to gauge the impact of upper-funnel prospecting tactics and their impact on downstream retargeting efforts. Accordant found that 47% of conversions that originated with prospecting were misattributed to the retargeting campaign.


Last click attribution was preventing proper investment in prospecting tactics. Reattributing credit with the proper weightings, the prospecting campaign metrics improved by 31%, and moved from an inefficient $29 CPA to $20, well within goal. This allowed the marketer to increase their upper-funnel investments and scale their program profitably.