Case Study: Expanding into New Markets Through Transparent Cost-Efficient Targeting


This car sharing network wanted to acquire new customers in over 20 markets. Frustrated with the “black box” approach taken by traditional agencies, the advertiser needed a programmatic partner that afforded them access, control and insights. They wanted to put more consumers behind wheels while understanding why and how their media was working.


Accordant set up a transparent campaign that focused on deciphering the nuances of each market.
  • Consolidated the advertiser’s first-party data by ingesting it into Audience Optics™
  • Layered on second- and third-party data to create rich consumer profiles for targeting
  • Worked on mid- and lower-funnel acquisition through remarketing before graduating to custom prospecting algorithms and Audience Audits to expand into new markets
  • Used cross-channel empirical attribution to understand the true impact every touchpoint had on prospective consumers, making market-specific adjustments and optimizations as needed


Accordant worked hand-in-hand with advertiser, providing a programmatic campaign that afforded them access, control, and insights. Through this transparent approach, they were able to meet the following KPIs:
  • Expanding into over 30 markets while reducing cost per acquisition by 10% and increasing conversions by 15%