Case Study: Identifying Optimal Frequency Reduces CPA by 25%


A leading travel client sought to identify the optimal impression frequency for driving the most efficient conversion activity. They turned to Accordant Media and our AIM Analytics platform to analyze the relationship between frequency and conversion activity and to make a quantitative decision based on those insights.


Accordant Media implemented the following steps to identify optimal frequency:
  • Grouped users based on frequency exposure
  • Used our AIM Analytics platform to measure the conversion rates across each one of the groups, and identified an optimal frequency cap
  • Measured activity and conversion rates across groups over a 30-day period
  • Consistently accounted for variables such as viewability and non-human traffic rates across the different groups to ensure the veracity of the results and to minimize discrepancies that could affect conversion rates


Accordant Media successfully identified the optimal frequency cap and optimized the campaign toward this insight.
  • Identified optimal frequency of 16-20. Diminishing returns begin once 20 or more ads were shown to same user
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) improved by 25% within 30 days after optimizing toward the optimal frequency