Case Study: Making 3rd-Party Data Work via Audience Optics™


An education client needed to expand their lead generation efforts. No online tactic other than retargeting had succeeded at driving leads under their $100 target CPA. The company turned to Accordant Media to drive cost-effective leads at scale.


Accordant Media drove cost-effective leads by utilizing the following tactics:
  • We employed our data management platform, Audience Optics™, to determine which third-party data segments were most likely to drive ROI-positive results.
  • Developed custom audience segments based on the third-party data highlighted by Audience Optics™
  • Targeted those audience segments via real-time bidding (RTB)
  • Used proprietary technologies to forecast bid price tolerances in order to maximize return.


Afterthe initial investment phase, Accordant:
  • Drove CPA below $100 while keeping spend flat
  • Added over 20 additional custom audience segments throughout the campaign