Case Study: Multi-Channel Targeting Lifts Conversion Rates by over 18%


A travel company wanted to drive incremental revenue from its site visitors. Existing campaigns primarily targeted desktop users, which had historically monetized more effectively than mobile audiences. Accordant sensed an opportunity to leverage the client’s mobile audience and create a cross-channel, cross-device targeting solution.


Accordant deployed Audience Graph to target and measure users across multiple desktop and mobile devices:
  • Users who had been exposed to desktop ads were retargeted with mobile ads, and vice versa
  • Ad targeting & delivery was optimized for mobile and desktop audiences based on Accordant’s Audience Audit data
  • Performance was analyzed for three groups of users:
    1. Users exposed only to desktop ads,
    2. Users exposed only to mobile ads, and:
    3. Users exposed to both desktop and mobile ads
  • Both mobile and desktop conversions were measured for each group
  • Different levels of ad frequency were taken into account in our analysis


Multi-channel targeting was highly effective in driving campaign performance:
  • Conversion rate for users who received both desktop and mobile ads was 18.1% higher than the rate for those who only received desktop ads and 89.1% higher for those who only received mobile ads
  • Multi-channel targeting increased conversion rates across virtually every level of ad frequency
Based on these results, Accordant ramped-up multi-channel targeting using our Audience Graph to drive incremental conversions for the client.