Case Study: Reaching Hard to Find Consumers with Proprietary Audience Targets


This major auto manufacturer was looking to promote their new hybrid vehicle in two markets, but without a 3rd party data ecosystem to find potential hybrid shoppers, they had little information on how to run a properly targeted campaign. Their goal was to hit a $37 cost per acquisition (CPA) when driving users to request a quote on their site.


The advertiser turned to Accordant to build customer data segments that would identify their hybrid vehicle shopping audience. With Audience Optics™, Accordant took the following approach:
  • Built proprietary profiles to target green consumers in key markets
  • Used Audience Audit technology to provide valuable insights into key areas of audience commonality based on a lookalike model
  • Pinpointed key differentiators in the behavior of shoppers in each market, and optimized the campaign to take advantage of media tactics for each


As a result of building programmatic audience targets, Accordant achieved the following:
  • An overall CPA of under $5 when users requested a quote online
  • Local market sales for the new hybrid vehicle increased by 22%