Case Study: Scaling Private Marketplace Deals to Drive Performance


A large automotive dealer wanted access to premium automotive inventory on endemic auto sites, and they wanted to synchronize efforts on those sites with their other programmatic audience targeting initiatives. They could not access this inventory at scale via the open exchange, so they turned to Accordant Media to create private marketplaces with top auto publishers to reach this valuable audience in a targeted, cost-efficient manner.


After an extensive vetting and curation process, Accordant forged relationships with eight premium auto publishers to access their inventory through programmatic, private marketplaces. Accordant built custom integrations where needed, and deployed the following tactics:
  • Packaged search and intent data from premium auto publishers; these segments allowed for more successful targeting compared to broad third-party data segments
  • Structured comprehensive access to the publishers’ inventory to enable “always-available” audience buying across all on-site inventory
  • Incorporated publishers’ data into Accordant’s predictive models of high-value customers, and then cherry-picked high-value impressions to reach target prospects wherever they were, at the most efficient price


Accordant successfully scaled private marketplaces for this marketer, and the tactic has became a cornerstone of the campaign.
  • Private exchange buys drove attributed cost per leads (CPL) 20% below campaign average
  • Through publisher curation and quality control efforts, decreased private marketplace CPL by 61% and cost per vehicle detail page view by 50% quarter-over-quarter