Case Study: Travel Search Engine Drives Incremental Revenue Lift with Accordant


This major travel search engine wanted to increase bookings revenue in three key European markets (ES, FR, DE). Furthermore, revenue attributed to paid media was to be demonstrably incremental, and not otherwise generated via other channels.


To meet this challenge, Accordant designed a strategy that combined a customized data-capturing and management mechanism, a bespoke purchase program tailored to ROAS, and a rigorous analytics model that revealed the effectiveness of paid media in the context of the advertiser’s internal revenue management system. This strategy included:
  • Customized segmentation and analysis of the advertiser’s website audience based on key performance signals gathered from the site, such as flight dates and days until hotel booking.
  • The incorporation of second- and third-party data to broaden and enhance the acquisition strategy. Data gathered against the advertiser’s most lucrative customers was translated into customized buying algorithms, which differentiated all potential customers from the most valuable potential customers, and were capable of bidding accordingly.
  • Designed and implemented custom integration with advertiser’s internal revenue system. Accordant designed a “passback” to record advertiser order IDs tied to media spend, which allowed us to accurately report Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


Accordant demonstrated significant performance enhancements against core media metrics.
  • In just six weeks, 1.8x overall increase in ROAS (with as much as 7x in certain markets), €8.1K in purely incremental revenue, -25% on cost of booking acquisition

Client Feedback

Accordant’s analysis and insight has enabled us to know what is driving performance as well as how we can improve it. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
VP, Media