Case Study: Weather-specific Advertising to Targeted Zip Codes


Accordant Media identified a pattern for an e-Services client whereby heavy rainfall was highly correlated with sales volume and ROI-positive sales. Accordant sought to exploit this insight programmatically to optimize digital campaigns around real-time weather patterns.


After confirming the pattern, Accordant took the following steps to optimize around the insight:
  • Developed a custom data feed to import live weather information from NOAA across client-defined markets
  • Automated our bidding algorithm to vary bid and budget pacing based on real-time weather conditions.
  • The campaign responded in real-time to changes in weather conditions, ramping spending and bidding aggressively as precipitation increased in they target markets.


Accordant was able to successfully optimize around the insight.
  • Cost-per-sale decreased by 20% after implementing the weather-targeting campaign
  • Overall volume increased by nearly 40%
  • Foul-weather targeting outperformed fair-weather targeting by up to 33% in three key markets nationwide