Case Study: Winning New Customers Through Smart Mobile Targeting


One of the largest online food-ordering companies saw their user base increasingly shift toward mobile, and a majority of their traffic was coming from smartphones. However, the company had held back from mobile advertising because of opaque pricing and a lack of optimization options. They turned to Accordant Media to capitalize on the untapped opportunities in mobile to drive new customer orders.


Accordant developed two pieces of custom technology to help drive new orders via mobile.
  • Created a custom mobile algorithm to identify new customers in client-defined markets across the nation.
  • Developed a custom view-through attribution solution which allowed us to manage lift testing to reach the most valuable users.
  • We further optimized the campaign by managing an array of targeting tactics on a market-by-market basis:
    • Analyzed dozens of data points (i.e. phone model, app category, operating system and more) and optimized toward the top signals within each market
    • Utilized time-of-day targeting to heavy up during lunch time and dinner to increase efficiency during prime hours


Accordant Media successfully drove scale while maintaining efficiency and hitting the advertiser goal of new customer mobile orders. Additionally, Accordant:
  • Reduced cost per new order by over 35%
  • Increased scale by 10x