Accordant ATS™ is the only programmatic media system that seamlessly integrates four key components of the ad tech stack as a single solution.

Accordant ATS™ is a complete platform for deploying, measuring and optimizing data driven media and creative strategies across digital media channels

Accordant ATS

Audience Optics™ Accordant’s proprietary data management platform (DMP), is the foundation where marketer data, Accordant data, and third-party data convene, helping marketers organize and manage their audience segments.

Accordant Audience Connect™ After we gather the data, it’s time to execute the campaign. Our buying platform allows us to take audience segment data to create a cross-tactic, cross-channel strategy that meets our clients’ campaign objectives.

From brand engagement to customer acquisition to CRM to audience extension, this single system provides marketers with room to test, evaluate, and optimize ad campaigns.

Accordant AIM Analytics™ Our analytics suite specializes in unbiased analysis and attribution methodologies by taking into account the impact of each tactic and channel on consumer behavior. Accordant AIM Analytics™ uses innovative tactics including Lift Testing, Empirical Attribution and Logistic Simulation.

This is where we collaborate with clients to assess where their campaign is having the biggest impact on consumers.

Accordant Media DataPoints™ The reporting portal Accordant Media DataPoints™ allows marketers 100% transparency into campaign performance and data. Accessible 24/7, clients can access data from any aspect of the campaign, however granular or general.