Nicole Monte
Media Analyst

“I am eager to expand my knowledge and experience by learning from and working alongside some of the industry’s best. The opportunity to be able to contribute to an already successful programmatic leader like Accordant, is a fortunate one.”



After graduating from Pace University with a BBA in Marketing Management, Nicole spent the first three years of her career in a print ad sales support role at a global medical publisher where she was introduced to digital advertising. Once she saw how interested certain clients were in advertising online, she decided it was time to make the switch to a digitally-focused company. Nicole worked at Ziff Davis for about three years where she learned as much as possible while working on their trading desk. To help expand her knowledge, Nicole then joined another company in a more traditional ad operations role on a network of 300+ financial sites, while also managing the audience extension portion of the business. Wanting to get fully back into the ever-growing programmatic world, Nicole landed a job at Accordant.

Fun Facts

Nicole was born in, raised in, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. While she has solid roots in the city, Nicole likes to travel to all different places both in the U.S. and abroad. Skydiving in Maui was one of her [many] favorite experiences. Every once in a while, Nicole attempts to recreate that again here in the Northeast. She has determined it to be “fun, but just not quite the same.” Skydiving opened the door to zip-lining and other fun activities that Nicole enjoys. Sailing in Greece and zip-lining in Costa Rica are the next adventures on her list! Most of her time is spent surrounded by her large, tight-knit family and friends. Nicole likes to stay active — she discovered rowing last year! — and learn new things.