Allison Mottola
Sr. Media Analyst

“I was drawn to Accordant because of the unparalleled data and technology available here. As a programmatic professional, my curiosity often leads to many questions, and having the tools to find answers at my fingertips is exciting. I have always felt a personal responsibility to deliver high-quality service for my advertisers and very much identify with Accordant’s philosophy on customer care.”

Allison came to programmatic by way of finance. She honed her programmatic skills at Cadreon and Collective, and has optimized a variety of campaigns for many of the nation’s leading advertisers. At Collective, Allison contributed to testing bidder technology, authored case studies used by sales teams, and conducted seasonality research that was presented across the company. Prior to that, she held various finance positions at Viacom and Nickelodeon.

Fun Facts
Allison was born and raised in Westchester County, NY and moved to Manhattan in 2014. A list of Allison’s favorite things would include cannoli, her Saab hatchback, Hallmark Christmas Movies, Journey songs, cheesecake, pumpkin & apple picking, and interior design magazines.