Sergey Bautkin
Senior Software Engineer

“Accordant Media is a perfect combination of modern technologies in the programmatic media industry and engaging work environment created by bright intelligent people.”

Before joining Accordant Media, Sergey was working on User Experience/Computer
Monitoring System at Knoa Software. He was doing development and prospective technology research for “stealth” Agent component which provided User/Computer metrics. The development included creating specialized sensors for applications build on Java, .NET, and standard OS UI controls, and reliable online and offline data delivery from thousands local computers to collection and analytics servers. In his professional career, he was working on many challenging problems aways with the goal to build best-in-field software.

Fun Facts
Sergey likes long distance adventure traveling across the board on vacation, and short recreational trips to State Parks on weekends. His favorite leisure sports are hiking, swimming and playing table tennis. His newest hobby is coffee alchemy including single origin green beans ordering, coffee roasting and brewing.