Steven Nuñez
Platforms Specialist

“Working at Accordant Media has really given me a tremendous opportunity to learn from some very sharp people. Being able to contribute to the innovative and effective solutions we provide to our clients is truly rewarding.”

After graduating from MIT, Steven joined Rubicon Project where he initially worked on publisher accounts and was responsible for managing, analyzing and communicating revenue performance. Moving over to the Demand side of Rubicon’s business in 2010, he managed demand partner accounts where the primary task at hand was to grow spend on the platform by providing pricing and inventory volume analysis figures. He joined Accordant Media in June 2012.

Fun Facts
Steven studied to be an engineer, and as such he provided the Accordant Media office with its very own desktop siege engine. Though not used for warfare, the trebuchet that he built is more than adequate for launching gum balls into the bell that is rung to mark significant company achievements.