Q2 2016 Market Pulse Report

By Accordant Media

The Accordant Media “Programmatic Media Market Pulse: Q1 2016” report shows that programmatic advertising continues to grow worldwide. Programmatic auction volume increased by 151% year-over-year, while mobile ad units now account for a larger percentage of the programmatic marketplace. Additionally, the report’s Spotlight section showcases the link between digital ads and offline sales, revealing a 55% lift in sales among users exposed to online ads. More

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5 Tips For Executing Cross-Device Targeting

By Art Muldoon, Co-Founder & CEO, & Matt Greitzer, Co-Founder & COO, Accordant Media
Elements of this story first appeared in the Jan. 18 issue of Adweek magazine.
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Cross-device programmatic advertising is expected to grow out of its infancy stage this year, as the technology and data capabilities give marketers more changes than ever to target consumers on multiple devices.

Programmatic digital display ad spending in the U.S. is expected by eMarketer to increase to $21.55 billion this year, up from $15.43 billion last year. And with the rapid growth projected to continue to total $26.78 billion in 2017, brands hoping to get an edge with consumers–and with the competition–need to consider not just what they want their strategy to be but how they want to executive it effectively.

Here are five tips programmatic advertising executives said marketers should consider when putting together a cross-device programmatic strategy:

1. Creativity matters
Don’t repurpose promos across devices–use dedicated creative to generate engagement, said Accordant Media CEO Arthur Muldoon.

“Different devices offer different opportunities for creative design and audience engagement,” Muldoon said. “Don’t expect a single creative to do the job across all devices. Experiment, test and optimize creative.” More…


Client Story

Multi-Segment, Multi-Market Optimization


An online education company needed a centralized, audience-based buying approach across hundreds of degree programs and several buying channels, including significant direct-bought placements. Its previous fragmented direct strategy was data-sparse, offering few actionable insights.


Accordant Media’s Audience Audit technology provided valuable insights into key areas of audience commonality between degree programs, streamlining hundreds of targets into < 15 unique profiles.

Targeting against these profiles, Accordant efficiently migrated ad delivery method away from less-efficient direct buying to a mixed approach, including real-time bidding in the open market and programmatic premium deals to test what performed most efficiently. Data from RTB buys provided actionable insights which were then used to continue to optimize the campaign More…

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Programmatic Media Can Transform Local Marketing

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