Multi-Segment, Multi-Market Optimization


An online education company needed a centralized, audience-based buying approach across hundreds of degree programs and several buying channels, including significant direct-bought placements. Its previous fragmented direct strategy was data-sparse, offering few actionable insights.


Accordant Media’s Audience Audit™ technology provided valuable insights into key areas of audience commonality between degree programs, streamlining hundreds of targets into <15 unique profiles.

  • Targeting against these profiles, Accordant efficiently migrated ad delivery method away from less-efficient direct buying to a mixed approach, including real-time bidding in the open market and programmatic premium deals to test what performed most efficiently.
  • Data from RTB buys provided actionable insights which were then used to continue to optimize the campaign


Audience Profile Buying 29% More Efficient Than Base:
Aggregated data helped build stronger predictive models.

Overall CPMs Decreased 24%:
Consolidated buying drove lower CPMs with fewer partner-based targeting restrictions and more access to premium inventory at scale.

30% Improvement in Overall Lead Acquisition Efficiency:
Optimized media gave the client much more flexibility to focus on the best lead generators.

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